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Forest Run

A purely therapeutic experience. A visually-striking patience game. Run around to make a forest. Relax, breath, listen to the music, live your life.

Rhythm Tetris

This bite-sized lovechild of dubstep and Tetris brings tears, frustration, and occasional satisfaction just like a regular-sized human baby. 

Music by Musics8Bits 

Game Art/Design/Programming by

Edward Zhang

Git Gud

"Git Gud" requires the Player to control two moving balls at the same time, using one hand for each ball. The Player must deter one ball away from the red cubes while guide the other to collect yellow cubes. The ambidextrous control of two balls is only the secondary challenge of the game. The primary challenge? A sarcastic, GLaDOS like voice mocking you to no end when you are trying so hard.

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