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Unreal 5 Work in Progress

Containment Breach

Multiplayer Zombie FPS made in UE5

In a failed lab's darkest hour, face your fears, fight the horde, and survive the undead nightmare.


Darkness Unleashed

Light/Dark contract is Life/Death

From a lab's catastrophic failure, conserve your battery, illuminate the darkness, and defy the lurking dread as you confront the undead, vanquish the horde, and outlast the living nightmare.

Protip: Harness your gun's muzzle flash to unveil lurking horrors

Death is just the beginning

Rebirth of the Damned

Zero downtime gameplay

Join the ranks of the undead when your human life expires. Embrace the darkness, lead the horde, hunt down the surviving humans as you embrace the undead's sinister hunger, and experience the haunting duality of existence in this chilling nightmare.

Subterranean Terror

Map #2

Plunge into the treacherous depths of the sewer, where the same chilling experience awaits you. In the labyrinthine darkness, zombies can leap from any corner, keeping you on edge as you navigate the haunting maze and confront the relentless undead horde.

Unreal 5 WIP

Map #2 top view

A Work in Progress – Immerse yourself in the next level of horror. Intrigued? Reach out and ask for a demo to experience the terrifying depths of our zombie-infested labyrinth lurking within the sewer's shadows. Dare to discover what awaits you!

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