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Game Description

Not Another Line Rider is a game created in Unity that involves traversing through levels by precisely creating paths to avoid obstacles and gather collectibles. You, the player, run through different levels and use a draw-pad to create lines that help you traverse through the game.


When looking at the game as a formal system of rules, it is a closed system but has characteristics that go beyond the basic structure of the game. Even though the players are restricted to the specific rules and controls in the game, they also have the ability to bring in their own creativity through their interactions of drawing and guiding themselves throughout the game.



  • The player/enemy sprites

  • The coins to collect

  • The lines are drawn within the game


  • Movement side to side of the player and sprites

Internal Relationships

  • The interactions between the drawn lines and the player


  • The play of the game within the level



Our inspiration came from one of our group members had a simple draw pad that we hoped to utilize in a unique way by drawing on the screen. After playtesting and finding the multiple limitations the draw-pad has, we realized it works great in creating a simple game where detailing how a level is traversed is emphasized.


We used the games Line Rider, Mario, and the drawing program Paint Tool Sai as references when creating our game. These games were primarily used in our level design but were great to look back at if we got stuck during any phase of our development.



Controls (using the pen):

  • Pressing down with a pen - draw

  • The bottom button on the pen - move forward

  • Top button on the pen - reset level


A player receives points by collecting coins throughout the level. We look to develop this to include other aspects (such as the distance covered through lines drawn) in the future.


Link to video with sound:

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