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Escape Room Level Design

1. The player wakes up in a morgue. There are many photos/newspapers on the walls. 

2. Close examination of the pics/newspaper will reveal an internet escape room show that went offline mysteriously. 

3.  Ominous music plays. Some pictures will hint that the player might have been abducted. Each picture has a number on its back.

4. The player leaves this room after finding a key hidden in this level. Hints about the location of the key are provided by pictures.

5. The player enters a hallway that: 

A. leads to another room 

B. leads to the exit (locked by a padlock)


6. In the other room, the player will find a TV broadcasting the interior of the previous room. The player can also find a light switch.

7. Flipping the light switch off will turn off the main lights in the morgue room, but turn on four spotlights. 

8. The pics/numbers that got lit by the spotlights will reveal the padlock combination. (because each picture has a number on the back!)

9. The player escapes by entering the correct combination at the exit.

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