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Portfolio of My Academic Projects


Featuring motion painting, Twitter poetry, and more

Aside from video games, I also did several projects that connect the digital media with art. From embodied interaction to computer-generated music, I made sure to develop skills in many different areas.



With "impossible space" technology

Trespass invites the Player to be a ninja and experience a VR vignette of 16th century Japan. Under cover of the night, the Player infiltrates the palace of a greedy noble. Your mission: steal a prized sword undetected. Trespass is dramatically structured around stealth and allows the Player to duck, hide, and maneuver in virtual spaces that are technically "folded" to fit within a smaller actual room.



When you die, the game continues.

This narrative game challenges the conventional, linear way of telling a story by introducing a novel mechanic--when the protagonist dies, the game only continues. As game critic Jesper Juul puts it "I dislike failing in games, but I dislike not failing even more." "Sasha" exploits this fact by integrating the narrative and the mechanics of failing, making failing more exciting and meaningful.

Sasha 9_29_2017 9_40_48 PM.png


Ambidextrous Hardcore

"Git Gud" requires the Player to control two moving balls at the same time, using one hand for each ball. The Player must deter one ball away from the red cubes while guide the other to collect yellow cubes. The ambidextrous control of two balls is only the secondary challenge of the game. The primary challenge? A sarcastic, GLaDOS like voice mocking you to no end when you are trying so hard.

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